Callus Manager

05/12/01 Callus Manager '95 is officially discontinued.
10/05/2K New URL:
MessageBoard removed .. ASP pages don't work on my new server.
11/03/2K New MessageBoard for discussions about Callus and comments, reports and suggestions about Callus Manager.
01/01/2K Happy New Millenium!
25/12/99 Merry X-Mas! :)
21/05/99 50K Visitors! THX!
Over 50.000 visitors!
13/01/99 Added a new button on the main page to reset all settings.
Improved Autocheck for New Version.
01/01/99 Happy New Year!
25/12/98 Merry X-Mas! :)
28/06/98 Updated for Callus 0.42
28/05/98 Some Bugz Fixed.
11/05/98 Added HotKeys to use CalMan95 without the mouse.
Now you can add your own resolutions.
Improved PCX Viewer.
Some Bugz Fixed.
18/04/98 Bug Fixed in Autocheck for New Version.
10/04/98 Updated for Callus 0.30
18/03/98 Added Warriors of Fate to games list, Callus doesn't support it yet however it runs with SF2T. You can play WOF only from ZIP (You need WOF.ZIP and SF2T.ZIP). Thanx to Bruce Chang.
Added CheckBox to disable AutoCheck for New Version on the info page.
02/03/98 Added AutoCheck for New Version (you must be connected to the InterNet).
Added Games Info.
27/01/98 Bug in running callus with SF2ce Japanese version corrected. Thanx to Bruce Chang
12/01/98 Callus Manager size reduced to 1.2Mb from 2.1Mb, without decreasing graphics quality and without removing any function from previous version.
07/01/98 Added Save Snapshot to Jpeg.
03/01/98 Now Callus can be in the Callus Manager folder (Zipped or not) so you can assign the callus folder to the roms folder and play roms from a CD-ROM.
01/01/98 Happy New Year!
26/12/97 Added Keys' Names.
25/12/97 Merry X-Mas! :)
23/12/97 Improved shell to callus
Improved PCX viewer
Removed save snapshot to GIF (c) Compuserve
22/12/97 Bug in zipped roms detection system corrected. Thanx to Cyrix Haldir
20/12/97 Callus Manager v1.0 released
Zipped ROMs Support
17/12/97 Callus Manager v0.98 released
Improved Joystick calibration and control
Added Internal PCX Viewer
Save Snapshot to GIF
07/12/97 Fixed few bugs to graphics interface.
03/12/97 Callus Manager v0.95 released