Callus Manager
Main Page

Here you can select Callus folder and Saves and PCX Output folders.
Use browse button [...] to select your folders
Clicking on saves folder name you will open the folder and
clicking on pcx folder name you will open the internal PCX viewer.

You can see the list of installed games.
They are AUTOMATICATLY FINDED if are in the correct ROM folder of Callus.
Callus can also be zipped in

Res, Frame Skip and other callus settings included joystick calibration are valid for all games, although Game Info, Keyboard and Joystick settings will be different for all games.

You can add your own resolutions with CTRL+A, delete a resolution with CTRL+D and change current page with CTRL+1..CTRL+5.

With One click to a game button you select it and so you can edit properties for that game (properties will be automatically saved), you can edit keyboard keys, calibrate your joystick and select callus switches.

With a second click you will run the selected game.

Game Info

Here you can select input devices for player 1, 2, 3 and 4
and set volume.

There are also some info on the selected game.

These settings are automatically saved for selected game.

Keyboard Page

Here you can modify Keyboard keys for selected device (Key1 or Key2).
You just select a key box and press the key that you want to use.

These settings are automatically saved for selected game.

Joystick Page

Here to assign joystick buttons select a joy button box and select the number that correspond to desired button or push desired button, the button scheme will be assigned to selected device.

You can olso calibrate your joystick.

If your joystick doesn't work try to change its resolution.
Try to set it to 700.

These settings are automatically saved for selected game.

Pcx Viewer

Here you can see your snapshot clicking on the PCX file name.

With a right mouse click on a PCX file name will appear a popup menu where you can
select if copy the picture to windows clipboard (CTRL+ALT+C), save to jpeg (CTRL+ALT+J) or delete (CTRL+ALT+D) selected snapshot.

You can set wallpaper from the menu with CTRL+ALT+1..2..3..4

You can also browse the PCX folder clicking the browse button [...] on the left of
the status bar.